Understanding And Overcoming Hay Fever

What a blessing the great outdoors is and what a delight to get out into the open to walk through some country lane or beflowered part; or to enjoy the shade of a tree in midsummer. But a near-tragedy befalls hundreds of thousands of people every year under just such circumstances. For them such places are regions inhabited by a source of torment.

Why? Because in these surroundings is incubated that bane of their existence - hay fever. Wherever those so affected may go, however careful they may be to keep away from Nature, many are attacked yearly by this aggravating, painful, distressing affliction. For the pollen of flowers and grasses and the dust of the earth are broadcast practically everywhere on wings of the wind. Those predisposed to hay fever cannot escape it if they remain within the range of these causative irritants. Once contracted it usually remains with the victim for six or eight weeks or longer.

Never make light of hay fever to one of these victims. There may be long…